3 SEO Nuggets from Traffic & Conversion Summit 2015

My head is still sort of spinning from the trip to the Traffic & Conversion Summit in San Diego last week.

In any case, I managed to sift through my notes and found three awesome SEO nuggets you’d be silly not to use immediately!

I’m about to share with with you the biggest SEO takeaways from the entire conference.

Here’s what you’ll get from reading this post:

  • 30-40% more traffic by simply activating one plugin
  • A single keyword research technique for increasing traffic to previously created pages/posts
  • A link building strategy that wont get you penalized by search engines

Bit.ly Custom URL Shortener With TextExpander

I ran across a cool blog post by Bryan Harris where he answered a couple of questions from his readers.

One of the questions was the following: How did you setup your custom (videofru.it) URL shortener?

After following his instruction I realized that this was a lot harder to create than simply cutting and pasting some snippet code into TextExpander.

In fact, the AppleScript that Bryan referred to is not and was not working with the updated version of TextExpander so I had to look for an alternative.

So before I go into how to set this up for yourself here are the things you’ll need to make this all come together perfectly:

A Little Webinar Marketing Blueprint For Big Time Results

As with any type of marketing, the ultimate goal of webinar marketing is to build your brand. Depending on how effectively the marketing is done on your end, webinars can be a lucrative way to reach and interact with your target audience. A webinar can be an effective marketing strategy for larger corporations while leveling the playing field for smaller businesses by giving them the ability to compete equally. A Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs survey echoes similar reports noting video as the fastest-growing marketing investment of 2013. Webinars are essentially a way of incorporating video into your marketing efforts in a way that’s more effective than a simple video post.

How to Generate Leads Through Content Marketing

We-Want-More-Content-MarketingGenerating leads through content marketing is not just the “in thing” – it is a great lead generator for your business. Great content that has been properly optimized for search will continue to bring you traffic, long after social media status updates have left the newsfeed. If those pieces of content are conversion optimized as well, you will have a continuous source of leads flowing in from all directions. The following are ways to turn your content (onsite and off) into lead generating machines.

Make Visitors Want More

Your first goal with any piece of content – text, blog posts, presentations, podcasts, and videos – is to make it valuable to the point that people will want to know more about what you know. The best part is you really don’t have to hold back to achieve this goal. You can write an ultimate guide to something, or make an in-depth tutorial video, and people will always feel like there is more they can learn from you.

If you can achieve this goal, your visitors will turn into leads because they want to connect with you and find out how you can share more of your expertise with them. This is where you can turn them from consumers of content to customers of your products and services.

Place Lead Forms Near Your Content

Try to get as much of your lead generating content on your own website as possible. If you create presentations for SlideShare, videos for YouTube, and other similar content, you can embed it into your blog posts to make sure that you are getting exposure on those networks as well as your own site.